We built VouchMe as a trustworthy marketplace for everyone. Money shouldn’t be tied up in cards and vouchers. But if you don’t have something you want to buy right now, it can be really hard to convert vouchers into cash.

VouchMe is about choice. Shoppers looking for a discount can buy vouchers to get a good deal, while sellers sitting on loyalty awards they don’t want can get cash to pay for the things they do want! We make swapping vouchers for cash transparent and trustworthy, so that everyone gets a good deal.


Do I need to have an account with VouchMe?

Yes. We follow basic know your customer (KYC) rules to make sure that VouchMe is safe for everyone!

How will I actually buy/sell vouchers on VouchMe?

S’bu will be able to list a gift card he received for Christmas on VouchMe. Sarah is keen on getting a 10% discount on her next trip to the store so she buys the voucher on VouchMe and saves. S’bu will get paid a few days after Sarah has bought the voucher. Simple!

Are there any regulatory or legal problems with buying/selling goods on VouchMe?

VouchMe takes reasonable steps to check whether a seller is the rightful owner of a valid voucher before it is listed on VouchMe, but collects no other data about the voucher, including where it was purchased. As long as you are the rightful owner of a voucher with value, it is within your rights to dispose of that voucher in whatever way you prefer, including selling it on VouchMe.

What is VouchMe Credit?

We want to make buying vouchers on VouchMe quick and easy, but this is difficult when paying with offline payment methods (like SCode and EasyPay). Normally we would have to wait for an offline payment to reflect before releasing vouchers, so we suggest using these methods to buy VouchMe Credit first, which can then be used to get instant access to your vouchers. You can redeem VouchMe Credit for cash at a fee of 5%.

What types of cards and vouchers can be traded?

A select list of vouchers from South African retailers is supported to ensure your protection in transacting on VouchMe. We are always working to expand this list to include all of your favourites.